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About Us

Ironbark Flooring has been in operation since 1995 – and has a well established reputation in the construction industry. We have longstanding relationships with our clients that are based on our unparalleled customer service and highest standards of workmanship.

We install 24/7 state wide.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right flooring solution for your business or facility. There are many industry standards that need to be met to ensure that the health and safety of both the staff and customer is maintained.

Ironbark will be able to help you select a flooring system tailored to your suit your application and time constraints. Epoxy is a seamless flooring system that eliminates joins such as those found with tiles and vinyl. These Joints create weak points in the floor that are susceptible to failure or harbour bacteria.

The aesthetics of your finished floor are very important and we understand this. Ironbark offers a wide range of flat, metallic and gloss finishes along with patching systems to repair damaged floors giving a flawless look to the applied finish.