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Epoxy flooring systems are a fantastic multipurpose solution to your flooring needs.

They can be applied over most existing sub straights, including tiles.

Epoxy is a strong durable flooring product that can be tailored to meet your application requirements, slip rating and finish.

A good cost effective all-round performer, we would highly recommend an epoxy flooring system for your business facility.


Polyurethane has been developed to withstand the toughest environments with the capability of specific design for almost every flooring scenario. Polyurethane is designed to last and perform and is without doubt one of the toughest customised flooring systems available. You can choose from any grit level to achieve your required slip rating. A wide range of colours are also available. Polyurethane floors have been proven to provide effective resistance to bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew. The unique composition offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures and extreme thermal shock conditions including routine and regular discharges of boiling water and steam. Chemical resist Polyurethane floors are designed to resist the commonly encountered manufacturing chemicals such as Acetic acid, Lactic acid and Oleic acid from vegetable and animal fats. Odourless application systems have passed Green building council of Australia tests for low VOC. The range is solvent free and will not taint food or cause issues in public ventilation.


Electro-static discharge (ESD) can pose a threat to sensitive electronic equipment, and in environments that handle volatile gases, powders, liquids or other substances it can be a potentially dangerous ignition source. This charge can quickly build up within a floor when subjected to regular traffic from people and wheeled equipment.

To minimise these concerns, a controlled electrostatic protected area (EPA) can be created by installing an epoxy coating that safely dissipates electrostatic charge to ground faster than it accumulates.

Flowcrete Australia’s specialist anti-static finish fulfils the three flooring criteria outlined in ANSI/ESD S20.20, which requires a system resistance of a person through the floor and to ground of less than 35 megohms.


Protect VE-CR is a catalysed, novalac vinyl ester resin for heavy duty protection of concrete and steel substrates.

It is a highly chemical resistant resin that provides excellent resistance to diluted acids, moderate alkalis, and a broad range of chemicals.


MMA can accelerate construction programmes associated with new build, refurbishment projects or general maintenance.

MMA offers excellent, abrasion, wear, stain and slip resistance, can withstand thermal shocks and impact, and delivers a joint-free easily cleaned finish. MMA is also a popular choice for environments looking to have a new floor installed so fast that it avoids problems usually associated with downtime in the health care and manufacturing industries.

Ideal for use in areas subject to extreme conditions such as the protection of containment tanks, machine bases, plant floors and walls exposed to aggressive chemicals.